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Ritchie Pickett -
The Wicked Piano Pumpin' Pickett

Live Album Recorded November/December 2003.

The Wicked Piano Pumpin' Pickett

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Recorded over two shows in late 2003, The Wicked Piano Pumpin' Pickett contains 12 live tracks of Ritchie Pickett's soul-stirring Pacific-flavoured country gems.

The material stretches back to Honky Tonk Heroes and Lights On from 1984's Gone For Water, 3am Hamilton Sunday Morning from 1998's All Strung Out In A Bunch, and unreleased live favourites such as Chameleon and The One I Love, both written with Glen Moffatt.

Nine of the recordings are from the November 2, 2003, finale show of Pickett's North Island tour with fellow songwriters Moffatt, Chet O'Connell and Australian cult hero Bill Chambers, at the King's Arms in Auckland. The balance comes from a New Year's Eve gig with Pickett's regular rhythm section, Simon Elton and Dale O'Sullivan, at Hotel Waihi Beach.

Track listing
1 Introduction by Glen Moffatt
2 Chameleon (Ritchie Pickett/Glen Moffatt)
3 White Horses (Ritchie Pickett)
4 Rain Across the Lake* (Ritchie Pickett)
5 3am Hamilton Sunday Morning* (Ritchie Pickett)
6 The One I Love (Ritchie Pickett/Glen Moffatt)
7 Honky Tonk Angels (Part Two) (Ritchie Pickett)
8 Lights On (Ritchie Pickett/Alan Badger)
9 Honky Tonk Heroes (Ritchie Pickett)
10 Last Night I Let the Bottle Get on Top (Ritchie Pickett)

Bonus Tracks
11 3am Hamilton Sunday Morning (Ritchie Pickett)
12 The One I Love* (Ritchie Pickett/Glen Moffatt)

* Recorded at Hotel Waihi Beach, New Year's Eve, 2003. All others recorded at King's Arms, November 2, 2003.

The hardest working band in showbiz.
Ritchie and the band at the King's Arms post gig. Left to right: Neil Hannan, Ritchie,
Glen Moffatt, Bill Chambers, Chet O'Connell and Gordon Joll.

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