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Ritchie Pickett -
All Strung Out In A Bunch

Solo Album Released 1998.

All Strung Out In A Bunch

The long-awaited follow-up to Gone For Water, All Strung Out In A Bunch saw Ritchie Pickett trying to escape his piano wildman tag.

Track listing
1 More Fey Ray (Ritchie Pickett)
2 3am Hamilton Sunday Morning (Ritchie Pickett)
3 Thought I Heard a Heartbeat (Ritchie Pickett)
4 I Wanna Stop (Ritchie Pickett/Simon Lynch)
5 Unholy Trinity (Ritchie Pickett)
6 That One (Ritchie Pickett)
7 The First Rule of Love (Justin Currie)
8 Pissed at the Oceanside (Ritchie Pickett)
9 Nicki's Song (Ritchie Pickett)
10 TFTRR (Ritchie Pickett/Alan Anderson)
11 The Actress (Ritchie Pickett)

Bonus Track
12 White Horses (Ritchie Pickett)

Ritchie Pickett

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