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Ritchie Pickett & the Inlaws -
Gone For Water

Seminal New Zealand Country Music Album Released 1984.

Gone For Water

The album was produced by Kiwi legend Ray Columbus at Auckland's Stebbings Studios and saw Ritchie backed up by the Inlaws - Dave Maybee (guitar), Kevin Coleman (guitar), James Wallace, Jr (bass guitar) and Noel Lamberton (drums).

Track listing
Side One
1 Prisoner Hearts (Ritchie Pickett)
2 Honky Tonk Heroes (Ritchie Pickett)
3 Barmaid/You Win Again (Ritchie Pickett/Dave Maybee/Sid Limbert/Hank Williams)
4 Midnight (Ritchie Pickett)
5 Standing Too Close to the Flame (Allan Caswell)
6 In the Arms of Mary (Iain Sutherland)
Side Two
1 Typical Country & Western Love Song (Home by the Range) (Ritchie Pickett)
2 Last Night I Let the Bottle Get on Top (Ritchie Pickett)
3 Sonata Pathetique (Ritchie Pickett)
4 Truckers' Anthem (Ritchie Pickett)
5 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
6 Yes, We'll Leave the Lights On (Ritchie Pickett/Alan Badger)

Ritchie Pickett & the Inlaws.
Ritchie Pickett & the Inlaws. Left to right: James Wallace, Jr, Dave Maybee,
Ritchie, Noel Lamberton and Kevin Coleman.

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