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Ritchie Pickett -
White Horses

Posthumous Album Released 2011.

White Horses

Misleadingly subtitled The Best of Ritchie Pickett, this album was actually put together by Pickett's old mate Simon Lynch from mid-'90s recording sessions he engineered that were shelved at the time. Features Pickett's band of the period, Ian 'The Doctor' Jeffries (guitar), Simon Elton (bass) and Scott Rogers (drums).

Track listing
1 Angry Man (Ritchie Pickett)
2 White Horses (Ritchie Pickett)
3 Just Because You've Gone (And Left the Party) (Ritchie Pickett)
4 Rain Across the Lake (Ritchie Pickett)
5 A Dog Called Samuel (Ritchie Pickett)
6 3am Hamilton Sunday Morning (Ritchie Pickett)
7 Drink Her Off My Mind (Simon Lynch)
8 The Actress (Ritchie Pickett)
9 I Wanna Stop (Simon Lynch)
10 Farewell But Not Goodbye (Ritchie Pickett)
11 Our Lady of Perpetual Tantrum (Ritchie Pickett)
12 Live Repartee (Ritchie Pickett)

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