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Think -
We'll Give You A Buzz

New Zealand Prog Rock/Heavy Metal Album Released 1976.

We'll Give You A Buzz

Released on the prestigious Atlantic label, Think's only LP is now sought after by record collectors the world over.

Think were Ritchie Pickett (lead vocals), Phil Whitehead (guitar/vocals), Alan Badger (bass guitar/lead vocals), Don Mills (keyboards/vocals) and Neville Jess (drums).

Track listing
Side One
1 Light Title (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)
2 Look What I've Done (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)
3 Rippoff (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)
Side Two
1 Stringless Provider (Barry Stanton)
2 Big Ladies (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)
3 Our Children (Think About) (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)

Think also released the single Arrived In Time (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett)/Big Ladies (Whitehead/Badger/Jess/Mills/Pickett) in 1976, and a final single Good Morning (Whitehead/Badger)/Peanut Joe (Whitehead/Badger) in 1979.

Listen to Think tracks at this MySpace site.

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